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Centennial Metals Investment Pte. Ltd. is in the business of metal recycling. We purchase, collect and process a plethora of metal grades supporting worldwide furnaces in the manufacturing of new products. Here at CMI, our team makes recycling easy for you. Whenever it comes to scrap metal recycling, electronic waste, and any waste that is generated from the use of electrical and electronic products, we are here to help! In addition, we can also green your operations by purchasing or disposing your old machines, obsolete equipment, write-offs and excess surplus to help streamline your operations.

CMI aims to help you get as much value out of the scrap or material that you would like to scrap or sell. In order to ensure that our customers' interests are well taken care of, we provide free evaluation and conversations. We have a licensed facility that is adequately equipped and ready to handle large volumes on a daily basis. Are you having questions about how to separate your materials, or are you unsure if we accept a specific kind of material or product? No worries, get in touch!

We'll be more than willing to assist!

Centennial Metals Metal Recycling

We Are All Ready And Geared Up For You!

Well-equipped facility

Well-equipped facility

Our facility is well-equipped with machinery and a skilled workforce to recycle and process an extensive range of materials.

Scrap Collection Service

Collection Service

Depending on your recycling requirements, we can provide  collection service. 

Centennial Metals Sincere Engagement

Sincere Engagement

Experience in our trade is meaningless if we don't engage our customers. We don't make promises we can't keep, but commitments we can fulfil.  

Centennial Metals Experience Workforce

Experienced Staff

We will assist you in getting a fair price for the material and items and let you know its value. .

Centennial Metals Customers Satisfaction

Customer  Satisfaction

We understand that customer satisfaction is an important component of our success and place significant importance on building positive relationships. 

Centennial Metals Proof of Destruction

Proof Of Destruction

Consider the case of proprietary equipment and end-of-cycle products that require proof of destruction. We can deface and cannibalize your equipment on request.  

Centennial Metals Compliance


We have the necessary licenses for general compliance and substantiation in order to meet your auditing requirements. 

Centennial Metals Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

With a competitive price range, we purchase a wide range of scrap materials, obsolete machinery, used equipment, and surplus items. 

Centennial Metals Weighbridge and Scales

Weightbridge and Scales

We calibrate and service our 80 tons weighbridge and weighing scales annually. The prominently placed indicators allow for real-time monitoring during weighing. 

Site Clean Out and Dismantling Services

Site Cleanout & Dismantle

We can offer factory equipment and assembly lines cleanout and dismantling services. 

Centennial Metals Prompt Payment

Prompt Payment

Prompt and simple contactless payment process 

Centennial Metals Positive Culture

Positive Culture

At CMI, we inculcate a down-to-earth culture for getting things done properly and hope to see pleasant smiles on our customers' faces when the task is accomplished. 

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We appreciate your kind words:

"Hi Jason, Thanks for mobilizing your team on short notice to dismantle the equipment and remove the materials from the job site. The client greatly appreciates your high level of service."

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