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Our Story

Our modest beginnings began with just a few staff members and limited resources in 2003 in a small, rented yard at Benoi. Focusing primarily on recycling metals and waste management, we have remained nimble and lean while maximizing efficiency and reliability in serving our customers. By putting our slogan, "We Handle Every Recycling Request", into practice and our dedication to growth, our company gains traction through reliable service and competitive pricing.


Today, CMI is listed on the "approved collector" list of numerous esteemed companies, statutory boards and government agencies through compliance with licenses and certifications to operate a general waste disposal facility. Our company's customers include companies operating in the manufacturing, semiconductor, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, construction, and marine industries. Our company regularly participates in their tender exercises, invitations to quote (ITQ), direct purchases, and collects scrap metal, obsolete machinery lines, write-offs, surplus and waste material. With our segregation and processing operations, we provide an ample supply of recyclable materials, along with other recyclables, to the global manufacturing supply chain.

Centennial Metals Mission

Our Mission

At CMI, we believe that our customers should be able to experience the most seamless and hassle-free recycling experience possible, even if recycling with us happens just once in a blue moon. 

Centennial Metals Vision

Our Vision

It is our vision to be the "first choice" metal recycling company by offering integrated and quality services while ensuring that integrity, credibility, and customer satisfaction are all underscored within every recycling experience you have with us. 

Centennial Metals Assurance

Our Assurance

In our capacity as an exporter, we ensure our global partners that our materials are delivered on time, that our materials meet quality standards, and that our materials are consistent with specifications of the ISRI. 

Centennial Metals Commitment

Our Commitment

Continuing to RECYCLE. CMI is committed  to contributing to the global recycling scene by keeping metals bearing material and other recyclables out of  landfills and incinerations, diverting them to foundries for repurposing and giving them a new lease of life.

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