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Comprehensive Solutions

At  Your Disposal

Centennial Metals Metals Scrap Collection Service

Materials Pickup

Whether you need a small lorry or a large open-top container to collect your materials and recyclables, we will be able to offer you our services according to your recycling requirements. In addition, we have various bins and containers, as well as custom sizes that can accommodate your premises or temporary job sites with ease. 

Managing Bulk Collection

Among our services, we are able to handle and haul away bulk materials from your site if that is necessary. For accurate weights of the collected materials, our weighbridge will be used to provide printed weight chits corresponding to every collection.

Centennial Metals Bulk Scrap Collection Service
Centennial Metals Assets Purchase

Purchasing Used Assets

Do you have write-offs, used equipment or excess inventory taking up valuable space in your facility? We can help you green your operation and free up valuable space by buying old equipment, obsolete machinery, excess surplus, etc.

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